Our mobile LED screen trucks are very quick to setup, and are completely self-contained allowing for extreme flexibility.

Mobile LED Screen Rentals from Visual Impact

Make your next event STANDOUT! Use only a high resolution and high quality jumbotron! Enjoy the same displays used by numerous Universities, Corporations, and Professional Sports Teams!

We have several different sizes we offer on our mobile LED screens. All come fully self-contained with control systems & onboard generators.

Several pixel pitches offered – please inquire

Screens can be up and running in 30 minutes or less

Control rooms includes DVD player & laptop

Branding can go on the trucks/trailers and around screens

Outdoor Mobile LED Video Rental

Typically used for outdoor events

Mobile LED screens are used primarily for outdoor events, as the screen is mounted on a truck or trailer.

Fixed screen sizes

Mobile LED screens come in predetermined screen sizes. Some popular sizes are 9’x12’, 9’x16’, etc.

Set-up in under 30 minutes

When not hanging banners, these screens can be fully functional in 30 minutes, and oftentimes much less.

Turnkey – we just need content

These screens come equipped with generators and control rooms. Plus, there is no assembly necessary!

Perfect for one day events

These are perfect for a one day event as we can setup in less than 30 minutes and be ready to go and take it away quickly when you’re done with it.

Perfect for multiple dates / locations

For example, we can use the screen at the start of the race and move it to the finish, all in the same day.

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Mobile LED Screen Rentals Defined

If you have never rented an LED screen before it may be difficult to figure out what screen will best suit your needs. At Visual Impact we rent both mobile and modular displays of many types and sizes. As you are planning for your next event, take some time to consider some of the following important details:

Type of Event

  • Mobility Needs (Does the screen need to move from one location to another in the same day?)
  • Length of Event
  • Look and Feel (or Aesthetic) of your event
  • Time needed for setup
  • Budget

When you rent one of our mobile screens you will have the ability to move the screen in the middle of your event and use it in a completely different location. On average it can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes to move the screens from one location to another depending on your specific setup. The best part is you don’t have to do any of this, our trained technicians will get everything where it needs to go. All you have to do is tell him or her where you need it set up next, and which direction you would like the screen to face.

Types of Events that Use Mobile LED Video Display Rentals

There are many different types of events that are great for a LED screen rental. Marathons, political rallies, music festivals, weddings, marketing tours, are just a few examples. If you have never done it before, bringing modular panels to a stage, building the structure to mount it to and then having to tear down when you’re done is a huge undertaking. These are just some of the reasons why many have chosen mobile screens for their events.

Depending on your event you may not desire the look of the trailer that some of our mobile screens are attached to. Some of our customers actually prefer it to our other options because of the simplicity of setup and teardown. It all depends on your specific needs. If aesthetics is something you are concerned about it is important to note that we have many options that allow our customers to place banners on our mobile units as well as wrap the entire trailer with branding. We can even mount banners to the top and bottom of the screen itself. Overall there are many ways we can make our screens incredibly visually appealing.

Typical Equipment We Include

All of our portable screens come standard with generators so you don’t have to worry about finding a power source. If power is easily available the generators do not have to be used. That said, our generators are barely noticeable. We even use them at PGA tournaments where noise pollution can be a huge concern. All of our generators are diesel and come equipped with a 50 gallon tank which can run for up to 28 hours.

Control Room Features

All of our control rooms come standard with a switcher that can be used to switch between more than one video source. This could be a DVD player, a laptop or possibly a live camera. Many of our models come with 3 preview monitors that allow you to see up to three different sources so you can know what is on the screen you are switching to before you switch it over. Most of our mobile units have a DVD player or laptop installed in the control room so you can easily bring your media, plug it in, and go. If needed, we can also provide smaller sound systems upon request however typically clients will choose to rent something larger for the size of event they are hosting.

And Finally…

You may have caught on to the words typically and usually used in the above descriptions. It is always important to speak with your personal representative before your event to make sure you know exactly what your unit comes equipped with and what features you may need to specifically request. Some items you may assume are included may not always be provided. Many of our partners that we work with don’t keep all the same equipment in their trailers so it’s important to ask specifics so you know exactly what you are getting for your event. Our trained representatives want to offer you the highest quality of customer support available. Call Visual Impact today to find out how they can set you up with the perfect LED screen for your needs. All you need to do is dial 833-403-0420 or use the contact form on this website and we will contact you!

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