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Visual Impact’s LED Screen Rentals provides LED screens to events all over southern California, and sometimes beyond. We have had a passion for providing large video screens to events for as long as we can remember.

About 10 years ago, we realized there was a growing need for large video displays at events. At the time, we were in the video production industry and had seen these large displays out at a few very large events. We knew that it was only a matter of time until we started seeing these screens everywhere. Sponsors love them, because event patrons love them. Not only do you have a captive audience you can market to, you can also use them to entertain and inform.

Projection technology cannot be seen during the daytime, or in situations where there is a lot of ambient light; this makes it necessary for the use of LED screens. LED screens are also often called “Jumbotrons,” “LED displays,” “LED video screens,” and “LED walls.” Do not let the different terms confuse you, as they are all the same thing.

It is for these reasons that we decided to embark on a journey that has lead us here. Hopefully, we can continue to provide these large LED screens to events all over southern California. One day, we hope to supply them to events all over the United States, but one step at a time…

We hope that we can help you bring the magic of large screen video to your next event!


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