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pointing-iconMobile LED Screens

Turn-key pop-up trucks and trailers perfect for budget conscious or multi-location events.

pointing-iconModular LED Screens

Virtually any size, shape or resolution available for both indoor and outdoor events.


Mobile LED screens are the perfect solution for events that need something affordable and turn-key. With a setup time of under 30 minutes, they are perfect for one day events or events on the go.


Outdoor modular LED screens are your best bet when you need flexibility in shape, size and mounting structure, as mobile LED screens offer none of these things. Longer setup time is required.


Indoor modular LED screens are typically higher resolution than their outdoor counterparts. For indoor events where the patrons are close to the screen, these screens are a must.


LED Screen Rentals - Mobile & Modular

Make your next event STANDOUT! Use only a high resolution and high quality jumbotron! Enjoy the same displays used by numerous Universities, Corporations, and Professional Sports Teams!


Make sure all of your attendees get to see their graduate up close!

Bike Races

Use our mobile LED displays at every stage of the race! No need for multiple screens!


Get up close shots of the band! Back row seats get a glimpse of the action!

Fairs & Festivals

Make announcements, entertain and wow your patrons with a huge LED screen!

Political Rallies

Ensure your attendees are able to view the speaker up close, even from a distance!

Sporting Events

Stream a live game for your tailgaters and thank your sponsors during commercials!



LED Wall, LED Display, LED Video Screen Rental

Big Jumbotron Screen Solutions To Fit Every Budget

True High Resolution LED Screens For Indoor and Outdoor Use

Check Out Our Mobile & Modular Displays

LED Screen Rentals from Visual Impact

At Visual Impact we rent LED screens of all sizes for all different types of occasions! No matter what your venue looks like we can find a screen that works for you! LED Video walls are the best way to ensure everyone in the area gets the best seat in the house! With our massive screens everyone will be able to see the action on stage from far and wide. Many venues don’t have this capability, which makes renting an LED screen a wonderful option. Contact Visual Impact to find out how we can help you!

Our Jumbotron LED Video Walls Ensure A Front Row Seat

Sitting in the nosebleed section is the worst! Who wants to spend tons of money on concert tickets and still need opera glasses to see even a little of what is on stage? Nobody has time for that! Everyone deserves to see what they paid to see, that is why many event planners insist on having LED screens as a part of all of their events. When you work with us at Visual Impact we will ensure that everyone has a great view of the stage. With our huge selection of screens we can guarantee that we will have a perfect option for your specific needs.
Whether you are hosting a live event or showing a prerecorded video we have the screen for you. Some business even use them for temporary billboard type installments. If you want your ad campaign to really stand out, a massive Jumbotron is the way to go! Are you looking to send your message across the country? We can even assist with providing satellite feeds to multiple locations with multiple LED video walls. The possibilities are endless with Visual Impact.
Don’t be limited by what venues offer (or don’t offer for that matter). We can make sure you get exactly what you need for your next event. Whether you are hosting an event onsite or remotely you want to make sure your venue is perfect for your guests. Don’t get trapped into the wrong venue just because they don’t have a screen. Contact Visual Impact and we can make any location work for you!

We Provide Jumbotron, Modular, and Mobile LED Screen Rentals

We pride ourselves in the number of options we are able to provide for our loyal customers. Are you hosting a huge conference? We’ve got your covered! Are you hosting a small outdoor music festival? We can do that too! How about a large private wedding? No problem! Do you need screens in multiple locations over the course of your event? Our mobile screens offer the versatility you really need. There is not a lot that we can’t do! With many options for screens both indoor and outdoor as well as mobile or fixed we can find the perfect screen solution for you in no time at all. Here are just a few of the screens we provide:

  • Trailer LED Screen Rentals
  • Wall LED Screen Rentals
  • Outdoor LED Screen Rentals
  • Jumbotron Rentals

By having many options available we hope to give you exactly what you need for your next event. We don’t want you to have to sacrifice your needs just because of a lack of variety! Everyone who attends your event will be able to see exactly what is going on without any problem at all. If it’s not an event you’re hosting but trying to advertise your company, you simply can’t miss our screens! We know that you work hard to produce for your company, so don’t skimp now on one of the most important business decisions you can make. Make the best decision, call Visual Impact today!

Private Parties and Large Corporate Events

Many companies like ours don’t want to “waste their time” with private clients. At Visual Impact we want to work with anyone who has a dream to use of our screens. You would be surprised by how affordable our screens really are. Do you want to host a giant party in the park? We will help, Are you looking to profit from your event? We can do that too. We treat all of our customers with the utmost respect. No matter your budget we can help you put on the best show in town. If you are unsure whether or not they are the right decision for you, call Visual Impact today for a free quote. We would love to talk through all of your options and show you what you could really accomplish when we work together. Our customer service is the best around. We want your experience to be as stress free as possible. After you decide on a screen all you have to do is give us the address and the time and we work out the rest. We will even contact the venue for you and make all the arrangements on your behalf. So what are you waiting for? Call Visual Impact today and find out how we can work for you!

Have An Event Coming Up? We Can Help. Book Your Screen Rental.

Fill out the form below or call 833-403-0420 to speak with a sales representative about how we can help you with your upcoming events.

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